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Our Mission: To obliterate the accounting industry's status quo by delivering next-level accounting services to help our clients grow their businesses.


TeKoda Accounting

We are an accounting firm based in Boise, Idaho. We have a national reach with clients and employees all across the country. Our accounting team has a proven track record of successfully managing finances across 60+ industries. In addition, we are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest accounting practices and certifications. As a result, you can be confident that your finances are done right. Guaranteed!

Meet The Team


Tevia Hoalst

Founder & Owner

Tevia is the owner and founder of TeKoda Accounting. She is passionate about helping empower entrepreneurs and helping them gain confidence in their numbers to make data-driven business decisions. Tevia is happily married with three wonderful kids and is an AVID animal lover! More About Tevia

Tabitha attended the University of Iowa studying business administration and management. Having over 12 years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting, Tabitha has used her skills in a wide range of industries. When not categorizing expenses and reviewing balance sheets, she spends time with her husband, two young daughters, and a brood of animals, including two mini horses, a dog, a cat, and a bearded dragon in sunny Tampa Bay Florida.

Jesse's duties with TeKoda Accounting include scheduling meetings, working with clients, running payrolls, and helping with all of the background work that goes into keeping a successful business running smoothly. In addition, Jesse is married with two kids and has lots of animals running around the house. They have 3 Golden Retrievers, a chihuahua, chickens, and a mini pig.

Carlyce has a bachelor's degree in accounting from Boise State and a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Wyoming. She enjoys helping small businesses achieve their goals through her passion for accounting. When Carlyce isn't digging through spreadsheets, you can find her outside somewhere with her dog, Abby. She also enjoys whitewater rafting, skiing, sleeping under the stars, and traveling.

Tabitha Marrero

General Manager

Jesse Peters

Director of Internal Culture

Carlyce Fisher


Whitney brings over 20 years of bookkeeping experience to the Koda team, and she enjoys working with clients to meet their financial needs. Whitney has a B.A. in Accounting and a B.A. in International Relations and Spanish. Outside of work, Whitney enjoys running, baking, her beloved U.K. Wildcats men's basketball team, and spending time with her husband, family, and fur babies.

Jordan attended the University of Central Florida and received a BSBA in Finance. At Koda, Jordan helps with the background work, supporting the bookkeepers in whatever they need. When not logging hours, she spends time with her husband, two young daughters, and 12-year-old pup, Einstein, in the beautiful state of Minnesota.

Whitney Bundren


Jordan Thomson

Director of Administration

Ashley attended Pasco Hernando State College and received an AA in Liberal Arts. At Koda, Ashley helps with the background work, scheduling meetings, running payrolls, and supporting the bookkeepers in whatever they need. When she's not working, Ashley spends her time adventuring with her husband and two daughters.

Ashley Welton

Administrative Assistant

Barketing Team

Since day one, Koda has been Barketing Manager and company mascot. Koda takes his role very seriously at the home office to inform everyone when the Amazon delivery driver drops off packages. When he's not searching for pets and treats, he loves long walks in the park and naps a lot.

Winnie is new to Koda Bookkeeping, but she is keeping a close eye on the day-to-day. So far, she has implemented "Winnie time" into the day's schedule so she can get as much affection from the team as she can. But, don't let her cuteness deceive you. She will run the show if left up to her own accord.


Barketing Manager


Boss Baby

Support Team1

At TeKoda, we have an excellent staff that has a passion for accounting. But, if you haven’t noticed yet, there is also an immense love of animals. Our support team is always by our side, ready to make the day-to-day better.

Our Why

We believe in obliterating the status quo, raising the bar, and continually pushing to do better.

How We Do It

We continuously learn, communicate proactively, and ask how we can do more for you.

What We Do

We help your business gain clarity in accounting and become your best financial partner.