TeKoda Accounting is a 2023 INC Power Partner WINNER!

Working at TeKoda Accounting

TeKoda Accounting is always looking for the next perfect fit for our team!

Who We Are

TeKoda Accounting is a quickly growing financial company based in Boise, ID. We provide monthly bookkeeping, analytics, business development, and assorted other financial-related services to a variety of small, medium, and large-sized companies. We strive to educate the client and empower them in their future while providing superior service.

Where TeKoda really shines is our internal culture and positive work environment. This is our secret to success! We enjoy what we do and working with each other and believe having fun and supporting each other leads to better outputs and results for the clients.

Each team member is highly driven for accuracy and the best output of work possible and is looking for another member to fill out our growing workload for the long term!

We put a lot of emphasis on fun and feeling valued and appreciated. We encourage, celebrate, and pay for growth and success. We are obliterating the status quo when it comes to normal corporate structure. We practice servant leadership and focus highly on emotional intelligence, psychological safety, and fair respect and support for everyone on the team.

Our core values are critical in our hiring process. We are looking for the perfect candidate who exemplifies every one of these core values every single day to join our team:

  1. Be Savage AF! – Have Tenacity and Determination
  2. Be Invaluable! – Deliver an Exceptional Client Experience
  3. Be Awesome! – Maintain a Healthy Culture
  4. Be Honest – Practice Respectful Candor
  5. BE A UNICORN!!!

Our Perfect Candidate

  • Is driven and has a thirst to grow and be challenged. Excited to work and proud of doing a great job
  • Is empathetic and has a love to serve others- we go above and beyond for our clients and staff!
  • Understands taking ownership of the clients you work with
  • Is extremely resourceful and able to research answers
  • Is available to work full time, be adaptable, no task is too big or too small
  • Understands the urgency of completing tasks quickly and accurately the first time
  • Love to have fun and make the process enjoyable for themselves and those around them!

What We Offer

  • Fully remote position
  • Asynchronous work schedule
  • Flexible hours
  • Set your own hours
  • Competitive salary based pay
  • Insurance
  • Fully paid Employee Assistance Plan covering mental health counseling, life coaching, financial and legal aid, and more!
  • “Choose your own benefits” stipend of $2,000 per year
  • “Get out of the chair” incentive
  • 100% post travel company paid annual retreat (2023 is a 4 day cruise to Mexico!)
  • 30% Resignation Incentive
  • Peer Recognition Allowance
  • Unlimited PTO with 20 days minimum of mandatory time off
  • 13 paid holidays off
  • Fully sponsored company culture program that includes events and incentives (gift cards, escape rooms, optional events)

How to Apply

If you believe you are the perfect candidate for us and would like to be considered to join our team, we need just 1 thing from you!

Complete our quick 5 minute applicant survey here

STOP HERE!  (unless you’re an overachiever!)


When you complete the survey above, you’ll be prompted to upload you resume and cover letter. Only those who do so advance to the next round of hiring. 

We’re serious this time. STOP HERE! (unless you are the relentless type who will succeed at all costs!)


The cover letter is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of this process. The survey and the resume are the facts about what you’ve done and what kind of person you are. The cover letter is where we get to see YOU and your personality. We have over 100 applicants each week. We only want to work with the people who are fun and outgoing and commit everything they have to everything they do and this is your chance to show that!