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Your Numbers are Vital to the Success of Your Business.

We Help With Accounting | Bookkeeping | Payroll | Finance Reporting & More

Gain Financial Clarity

Better Cash Flow

Make Informed Decisions

Are you frustrated with your books?

We help companies stay on top of their finances & thrive

You will get

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Why companies choose Koda Bookkeeping

Industry Experts

Our team are experts in Professional Services based businesses, like, SAAS & Tech, Fitness Gyms, Law Firms, Real Estate, Startups, and much more...

Financial Analytics

Our business insight report will give a clear picture of the health of your business and show you a path for growth.


We have built a proprietary processes with quality control steps that deliver accurate, up-to-date financials.


Koda becomes your financial partner. We are proactive in our communication and are here for all your questions.

Accrual Accounting

If cash basis is what you need, we've got you covered, but if you need higher level organization and cash flow control of your financials, we are experts in accrual accounting!

Happy CPA's

CPA's love us, because we create tax ready books that makes their job easier.
That saves you money!

Our processes, quality control, best-in-class customer service, and accurate bookkeeping are here to

serve you and the success of your business.

We Are Building Successful Business Owners

Our company would not be in a position to scale and grow without TeKoda.

"TeKoda's complete transparency, seamless integration, timely delivery, and overall white-glove service make them a standout as a trusted partner to any client."
Jamie Harrison
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TeKoda is a true financial partner!

"My business and I are so grateful for the bookkeeping services the TeKoda team has provided over the last 3 years. It SAVED us during a recent IRS audit. They provided help and guidance in accessing all our records and reports and were very supportive when I needed it most. Thank you so much!"
Nicolas Aguayo
Treasure Valley Barber Co
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Unmatched customer service and top proactive communication.

"TeKoda Accounting has been an invaluable partner. Their patience, flexibility, advice, and prompt responses have been astounding. If you want a company that pays attention to your company, I recommend TeKoda Accounting and no other."
Tara Massaro
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All the accounting services you need

Monthly Bookkeeping

Your books and business financial reports will be tax compliant and up to date.

Accounts Receivable

You have a team of experts to keep your invoices, payments, and deposits in order and cash flow rolling!


If you need it, we can help! You get a support team to ensure your payroll is on schedule and submitted correctly.

Financial Analytics

Gain clarity with our business insight report and get suggestions to help you have the best bottom line possible.
Invaluable service!

Clean Ups

We have catch-up and clean-up solutions for any set of books. We will get you back up and running in no time.

1:1 Support

You have a dedicated bookkeeper and access to our expert team to answer any questions you have.

And more!

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Koda can help you with:

We get things right the first time

Koda Bookkeeping is not your run-of-the-mill accounting and bookkeeping firm.


I am grateful that I found TeKoda Accounting when I did. I have worked with many bookkeepers who were not getting the job done. TeKoda has my back and keeps me informed of everything I need for tax-ready books. In addition, their financial analytics has given me insight into how to scale my business. Hire them now!

Terri Schroeder

kw luxury homes international

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Getting Started is Easy


Schedule a Call

We get to know you and learn all about your specific accounting & bookkeeping needs.


Build Strategy

Our team will formulate a personalized accounting strategy for your business.



We start implementing your strategy, getting all your accounting & bookkeeping organized.

Happy Client

Now you get to focus on building your business while we focus on your numbers.

We Partner With the Best Software

Here are a few!
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Understanding Your Numbers is Vital

At TeKoda Accounting, we know that you want to be a confident, successful business owner. The problem is that your financial records could be better, making you feel overwhelmed and worried. To fix that, you need a financial partner in your corner.

You deserve to have a clear picture of your business finances. The good news is that you’re not alone. Whatever your numbers look like, we can help. We’ve been helping business owners like you all over the country. You don’t have to stay in the dark about your business. Instead, take control of your financial health and grow your business confidently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many businesses are starting to outsource their bookkeeping needs to lower their costs. Having industry experts can help you set up your books, maintain your records, and guide financial reporting.

Unfortunately, there are so many things that business owners don’t know when it comes to getting their books ready for tax season. This can result in money being left on the table.

Hiring Koda Bookkeeping is  a great way to lower your stress, save money, and have insight into the health of your business’s finances.

There are NO long-term contracts. Every package is month to month. We want both parties to be free to make changes if ever needed.

We believe we can be considered an asset to your business once we earn your trust. Our services speak for themselves.

Yes! We work with CPA firms all over the United States. We get your books tax ready so you don’t have to pay higher bookkeeping fees.

It’s good practice to separate bookkeeping duties from tax preparation duties.

Koda Bookkeeping will always stand behind the quality and professional nature of our services. However, if at any point you are not completely satisfied with the services we have performed, we encourage you to bring this to our attention immediately. We’d love the opportunity to correctly address your concerns and allow us a chance to prevent similar problems from happening in the future.

30-day guarantee.
If you are unsatisfied with your services within the first 30 days, a full refund will be provided back to you.

It’s simple. We call you back, and make sure you get your questions answered. We work tirelessly for you.

We’ve been doing this a long time and know a lot of the answers you are looking for. If we don’t, rest assure that we do our due diligence to find out what it is you need.

We provide less stress for you and give you confidence that your books are clean and paint an accurate view of the health of your business.

Let’s jump on a call together and go over your accounting needs. Once we understand the best way to help you we can get started on customizing our services for you and get you on a path for success.

Ready to get started?

We are your best financial partner that will help save you money.


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