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Best Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business


Cut Costs Without Cutting Corners Watching your bottom line doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Here are some tips on how to cut costs without cutting corners: 1. Prioritize your spending. Figure out what’s essential to your business and what can be cut back on. For example, if you’re a small retail business, you […]

Financial Statements – an Overview for Business Owners

Financial Statements Overview For Business Owners

Financial statements are one of the most important tools any business owner or manager has at their disposal. They provide insights into a company’s overall financial health. They can be used to make informed decisions about where to allocate resources. There are three main types of financial statements: the balance sheet, the income statement, and […]

How to Scale Up Your Business the Right Way

Scaling Up Verne Harnish

Every small business owner wants to see their business grow. But not all businesses are able to make the leap from small to medium-sized or large businesses. In his book, Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It… and Why the Rest Don’t, Verne Harnish lays out a roadmap for how businesses can successfully scale […]