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Tevia Koda Bookkeeping

Tevia Hoalst

Owner & Founder

TeKoda Accounting is owned and operated by Tevia Hoalst along with her wonderful husband, who (luckily!) is in charge of IT and Marketing!


When it comes to your business and financial health, I take that VERY seriously. My passion isn’t just for numbers, figuring out your financial puzzle, or making recommendations. It is also in helping entrepreneurs grow and succeed! I have a greater understanding of the necessity for us to succeed together. I am not an employee of yours but a partner with her own business to nurture and grow. Because of this relationship, I have an understanding of the struggles and challenges of a business owner. The utmost importance is that I deliver to my customer every time. If I don’t provide exceptional service, I understand that it could mean no longer being in business. I firmly believe working business to business offers peace of mind and confidence that TeKoda Accounting will never let you down!


I have over a decade of customer service and bookkeeping experience with a Bachelors in International Business and Finance. I have experience in many industries and business sizes and have certifications in most bookkeeping-related software and applications. My customer service background provides exceptional service as I set a high bar for myself. I do not quit until I’ve achieved the level of service for you that I expect for myself. At a time when customer service seems lacking in some ways, I think it is exceedingly vital to know and care for your customers genuinely. I understand that to prosper in business is a two-way relationship, and you must give to receive. The level of effort you provide is what you will gain in loyalty and quality of relationship! Working with intent, purpose, and passion will lead to success. I am detailed, organized, and too stubborn to quit until I’ve found the answer or solved the puzzle!


I am happily married with three wonderful kids and an AVID animal lover! My husband and I love the outdoors, and you can usually find us in the mountains running, hiking, biking, and training for adventure racing.